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Beer Pong II

More fun with paddles and beer.


There are two different roles, a spiker and a server/setter. There are two teams, each with one server/setter and one spiker at opposite ends of the table. Put two full beer cans next to each other on each end of the table. the server for one team serves the ping pong ball. If his/her serve misses the table, serve again. If this serve misses, take a drink. Miss again and it's nothing. Miss for a fourth time and the server and his partner drink half a beer. This repeats itself after you miss the serve more than four times. When the serve is good, the setter attempts to hit the ball to the spiker on the other side, without having the ball hit the table. It is permissible to play the ball off of the walls or ceiling. The spiker tries to hit the beer cans with the ball. If he misses the cans, but hits the side of the table the beer cans are on, the original server serves again. If the spiker misses the table, then the other server must serve and the original server becomes the setter. If the spiker hits the beer cans it's a point and the other team drinks half a beer. Even if the ball hits the cans, it is still in play and the other team can attempt to play the ball off the cans. This is very difficult. If the cans are hit and the other team can not make a play on the ball, the team that hit the cans gets a point. The first one to four points wins and the losing team drinks the remaining beer on the table. If it is a shutout, 4-0, the losing team must finish the beer on the table and another beer. Two side notes. If the beer cans are ever knocked over, the team that knocked them over must drink a beer. Also, when bending over to pick up the ball, you must call out an agreed safe word, safety works for us, or else any other player may smack you on the rear with a ping pong paddle.

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