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Circle of Death

This game is guaranteed to get you drunk in about five minutes unless you are extremely lucky. If you aren't lucky it will take about three.


Have a deck of cards spread out in a circle shape (hence the name of the game, duh). One persons chooses a card. Then the person next the them chooses a card. If the cards are of the same suit, you add up the values of the two cards and the two people have to drink for that many seconds. If they aren't the same then the first person puts their card in a discard pile and the next person draws a card. If it matches the second person's suit then they drink, etc...The fun begins when you get three of the same suit in a row because you add all the values up and all three have to drink. The same if it is four of the same suit...etc. You also have to drink if when you choose your card and you break the circle of cards. There are some variances of this game which I will discuss later.

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