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This game sounds like a lot of fun. It is a simple game with the ever present possibility of getting totally smashed. That is of course its best attribute. Well if you know how to play Crazy Eights then you will realize that this game is nothing like it so read the rules before you try to play.


Take the four eights out of the deck of cards. Line them up length-wise and deal the remaining cards out to everyone who is playing. The object of the game is to build up the suits from 2-ace. A player may start by placing the seven of clubs next to the eight of clubs. He may then hand out two drinks to whoever he wants because there are two cards in that suit. If a player cannot place a card in order, then they must play another card that is close. For example, placing a two of hearts next to a five of hearts requires that he drink three drinks himself because there are three spaces. As the game continues you will start to hand out more and more drinks with each card placed. When you start to play your last cards you will be handing out thirteen drinks. Don't be too harsh or you might find yourself drinking 39 drinks in a row. This game usually works pretty well if you want to get really drunk. Remember you can play any card of the same suit as long as it is in sequential order. In other words you can play either a four or six on a five as long as it is the same suit.. If you can't play either of those cards then you drink as stated above.

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