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Flip Cup

You start with even numbered teams and a flat surface (table).  Each member fills a cup about 1/4 full (amounts vary) and set it in front of them. Some one needs to be a ref and say when to go. When they say go the first two team members chug the beer in their glass then they sit it upside down on the edge of the table with a portion of the cup hanging off the table and hit it upwards to try to make the cup sit right side up. The other team members can't go on until the first persons cup has been flipped right side up. If it hasn't been flipped right then you have to set the cup on the edge and try again until you succeed. When you succeed the next teammate drinks and tries to flip their cup, then the next teammate goes when they have succeeded and so on. The first team to get all of their cups right side up wins.

Submitted  by anonymous on 9/9/99.

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