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This game is reminiscent of the game "Spill the Beans" but with an alcoholic twist. It requires some skill and a steady hand. These things make this game quite a challenge to your average drinker. All you need is a medium size pitcher and a small glass. Of course you also need some sort of alcoholic beverage.


Fill the pitcher about 3/4's full and place the glass, also filled about 3/4's full, inside the pitcher. The glass should be floating inside of the pitcher. Players sit in a circle around the pitcher and take turns putting more beer into the glass inside the pitcher. The intent is to fill the glass from your own until it's only just floating. The player that makes the glass sink has to drink the contents. If someone knocks the table, causing the glass to sink, they have to drink it. Also anyone using the word 'drink' or pointing at someone also has to "consume" a glass of beer. Whoever last drank has to refill the glass. It's a messy game!!!

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