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This game is fun to play with a lot of people that are willing to part with some beer to get a friend very messed up.


A deck of cards is used. A pitcher (or big cup) needs to be in the center of the table. The cards are placed around the pitcher in a circle. Everybody draws a card. The cards read as so:

Ace Social (everyone drinks)
2-5 Take that many sips (you drink)
6-9 Give that many sips (you tell who to drink)
10 To the left or to the right one sip (you pick which)
Jack Categories (the person who picks the card thinks of a topic, for example, cars. Then that person says a brand name like Ferrari. Everybody follows suit and the person who messes up drinks.)
Queen Question (ask anyone a question, and they must drink as well)
King Kings are little more different, the 1st king pours their beer or drink in the pitcher, then 2nd follows the first, the 3rd pours some in and then makes a time limit so when the 4th king is picked that person has to drink whatever is in the pitcher in the allotted time.

Prior to the game everyone should agree on how much a "sip" is.


This is a variation on the queen. Instead of having the queen being a question it can be the last person to touch their nose has to drink.

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