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Some friendly fun with fire making implements.


Players all sit in a circle around a table, with their drinks in front of them. You take a turn to throw a matchbox over your pint and into the middle of the table. If it lands on it's broad flat side, the turn passes clockwise to the next person. If it lands on the long thin side then 'two fingers' worth of drink is added to the total. If it lands up on the end of the matchbox, 'four fingers' goes into the total. If you get one of these two, you keep throwing until it falls on the broad flat side, when the go is passed around to the next person. They then get one throw. If it lands on the flat side they have to drink however many fingers of drink are in the total, and the go passes round again. If, however, they land it on one of the edges, the appropriate number of fingers are added to the total and they keep going until the flat side is thrown again, etc. If any matches fall out of the box - - 1 finger penalty for each match. If the matchbox is thrown off the table - - 2 fingers penalty. If you throw the matchbox in your own drink - - finish it and get another. If you land it in someone else's drink - - You drink what's left of their drink and get them another. *Hint* - sit on the left of the guy(or girl) who cant throw to save their life.

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