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Silent Sam

Spread the cards out on the table in a circle. In the middle of the circle fill a shot glass with STRAIGHT 'Silent Sam.' (or your favorite alcohol).

 Everyone playing the game gets a full glass of mixed Silent Sam (make sure everyone gets the same amount of alcohol in their glass and mix it with whatever they want). 

The first person to go, simply picks up a card out of the circle. When all of the cards from the pile are gone just start over again. Each card that is picked has a meaning to it, which is shown in the Legend, below.  Play follows from the dealer's left in a clockwise direction. 

ACE - RHYME: Say any word you can think of. The next person has to say a word that rhymes with the one you said. (ex. kiss, miss, bliss, hiss, etc, etc.) The first person who gets stuck and cannot think of a word has to take a drink from THEIR cup. (names are not allowed) 
2 - FRIEND: Pick someone at the table and they have to take a drink. 
3 - GIRLS: All the the girls at the table must drink. 
4 - ALL: Everyone at the table must drunk. 
5 - ALL BUT YOU: Everyone but yourself at the table must drink. 
6 - GUYS: All the guys at the table must drink. 
7 - RULE: Make up a rule to go along with the game. 
     (ex. whenever Melissa drinks, Matt has to drink too.) 
8 - JUST YOU: Only you drink. 
9 - REVERSE: Reverse the direction in which you are picking from the stack.
     (Note, you may want to limit the number of times you can reverse)
10 - 2 FRIENDS: Choose any two people at the table to drink. 
J - TRUTH OR DRINK: Pick someone at the table. They have the choice of taking  a drink from their cup, or being asked a question in which they must tell the truth about.
Q - ALL: Everyone at the table drinks. 

Thanks to Matt Finateri for this game!

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