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Thumb Master

Everyone playing sits around a table. The more players the better. 

Spread the deck of cards out upside down in the middle of the table. 

 Everyone takes turns picking one card and flipping it over.

Ace- take one drink
2- take 2 drinks 
3- take 3 drinks 
4- take 4 drinks
5- the person before you takes a drink
6- the ThumbMaster (you put your thumb on the table without anyone  looking and the last person to notice and put their thumb on the  table has to drink. The ThumbMaster can put their thumb on the  table at any point, however often as they wish until the next person gets a 6 and is the new Thumb Master.
7- person ahead of you takes a drink
8- make up a rule (ex. no swearing, no saying names, can't say drink) or category (brands of condoms, toothpaste) whoever breaks a rule or  breaks the chain has to take a drink.
9- social (everyone takes a drink)
10- give one drink 
J- give 2 drinks
Q- give 3 drinks 
K- give 4 drinks ( you can split them up between players)

The game is over when all the cards have been picked.

Thanks to Danielle for this drinking game.

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