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Uno Consumo

If you like Uno then you will love this game. An added bonus is that you get to drink as well. And that is probably better than the fact that you get to play Uno.


Simply play UNO with these additional drinking stipulations: If you pass - 1 drink. If you draw a card - 1 drink. If you are skipped - 1 drink. If you are reversed to - 1 drink. If you forget to say UNO - 1 per all opponents cards. If you UNO give drinks for value of last card (Wild = 11, Wild Draw 4 = 12, "Face" = 10). When someone UNOs, each number card is 1 drink, a "Face" card is 2, Wild 3 and Wild Draw Four is 4. All rules are cumulative! e.g.. if a draw two is played on you, drink thrice (1 for being skipped and 2 for the draw).

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