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The Joke Page - Joke Log

The following Jokes are Jokes I've found funny compiled from the web, I've heard 'at the water cooler' and I've gotten from people like you.  

If you'd like to add your own, just send them to me  here.   Also, please be sure to join our joke list on the form below. 


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How Old?
Headache Relief
Amish Buggy
A Blonde Bet
A Vegas Hooker
Little Red Riding Hood
Superman Needs 'Some'
The Helpless Desk
Little Johnny
Out Fishing With Grandpa
Company Sick Leave Policy
Actual Answering Machine Messages
Top 9 Sex Jokes of All Time
If Dear Abby Were A Man
What's Your Penis' Name?
Tight Pants
The Hippie and The Nun
Martha Stewart's Tips for Rednecks
Escaping the Cannibal
Men Similies
The Farmer and the Rooster
I Told the Dean!
Battle of the Sexes
A Family Man's Dog
IRS in Heaven
Men and Wood
Cab Fare
11 Signs of PMS
It's Dark in Here
Coming to Heaven
Top Ten Signs Your Grandparents are Sexually Active.
The Bear and The Rabbit
Golf Jokes
The Little Rascals
Texan C.P.R.
Making Cakes
A Little Head
Who is the Idiot?
Chinese Proverbs
Prostitution in the Old Days
Top 10 Things That Sound Dirty...

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