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Yo' Mama's So Old...


Yo mama's so big, that she climbed Mt. Fuji with one step.
Yo mama's so old, her memory is in black and white.
Yo mama's so old, I told her to act her age and the bitch died.
Yo mama's so old, Jurassic Park brought back memories.
Yo mama's so old, she DJ'd at the Boston Tea Party.
Yo mama's so old, she drove a chariot to high school.
Yo mama's so old, she has a Jesus Starter jacket.
Yo mama's so old, she has all the apostles in her black book.
Yo mama's so old, she needed a walker when Jesus was still in diapers.
Yo mama's so old, she owes Fred Flintstone a food stamp.
Yo mama's so old, she took her drivers test on a dinosaur.
Yo mama's so old, she used to baby-sit Yoda.
Yo mama's so old, she used to gang bang with the Flintstone's.
Yo mama's so old, she walked into an antique store and they kept her.
Yo mama's so old, she's got hieroglyphics on her driver's license.
Yo mama's so old, the key on Ben Franklin's kite was to her apartment.



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