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Integrated Management Core (IMC)

The Integrated Management Core is at the center of Babson's undergraduate curriculum. It is structured around a sequence of three expanded courses designed to help students develop sound managerial decision-making skills.

The first semester of the IMC, Perspectives in Management, enhances your ability to identify, describe, and summarize complex material about organizations, people, and processes in a logical and useful manner. Core sessions are team taught, generally by faculty members from a mix of management disciplines.

The second semester of the IMC, Management Diagnosis and Analysis, takes you through the process of addressing a business problem. It begins with establishing an understanding of the organization's strategic position and diagnosing the likely strategic impact of the issue, opportunity, or problem with which a management team is faced. It then proceeds to examine the information available and how to gather it. IMC II concludes by linking the consequences of alternative actions back to the original strategic concerns.

The sequence concludes with Management in Action, which confronts decision-making and action implementation in the context of ambiguity and complexity. IMC III challenges you to apply your newly developed skills to settings with multifaceted options and potential ramifications.

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