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What fun is drinking when you don't have a purpose?  Well, don't answer that!   This is the place for the drinking games. If you don't like the games listed below you can play a simple game that my friends and I made up. It is called "You drink". The way you play it is you point to someone and then say "you drink". They then have to drink. It is pretty fun.

I must admit that as of now I don't know many drinking games, so I found these on the web. Since I am such a responsible drinker I don't really do that stuff. But everyone deserves a second chance and I am going to try so send me your own drinking games if you don't see them here. And while you're playing these games here are some drink recipes to ensure that you get the most alcohol in your body as is humanly possible.

the  bar - Drinking Games

+ 7-11-Doubles
+ Actor & Movie
+ Anchor Man
+ Asshole
+ Baseball
+ Beeramid
+ Beer Pong
+ Beer Pong II
+ Beer Roulette
+ Bullshit
+ Buzz
+ Caps
+ Cars
+ Categories
+ Chandeliers
+ Circle of Death
+ Circles of More Death
+ Dangerous Darts
+ Drug Dealer
+ Eights
+ Flip Cup
+ Fuzzy Duck
+ Give or Take
+ Go Fish
+ Golf
+ Hi-Lo
+ I Never
+ Ice Cube Raft Race
+ Jengaholic
+ Jugs
+ Kings
+ Magic Dice
+ Matchbox
+ Mushroom
+ Name Game
+ One Red Hen
+ Power Hour
+ Pyramid
+ Quarter Cubes
+ Quarters
+ Red and Black
+ Roxanne
+ Smurf
+ Speed Quarters
+ Spin the Quarter
+ Suits
+ Three Man
+ Thumper
+ Turbo Cups
+ Uno Consumo
+ Up and Down
the River

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